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A 450.000. látogatóm tiszteletére
- 2017.11.07.

Vörösmarty Mihály


Hazádnak rendületlenül
Légy híve, ó magyar;
Bölcsőd az...


Nem porzik!
- 2012.05.22.

A humuszban gazdag, vízzel kellőképpen ellátott talaj nem porzik!


Élelmiszer és ivóvíz
- 2012.04.12.

Földünk lakosaiból legalább egy milliárd ember éhezik, közel 1,5 milliárd ember nem jut tiszta ivóvízhez, miközben a Föld termékeinek 80 %-át, a lakosság 20 %-a élvezi...

Német-, osztrák kórházakban, óvodákban, iskolákban, idősek otthonában "kezelték" a vizet, (fizikai- és kémiai szűrés, Edelstahl vezetékek, és tartályok alkalmazása), mely eljárásokat követően ugrásszerűen növekedett az egészséges emberek száma. A betegágyakon fekvők sokkal gyorsabban gyógyultak...


Árvíz- és aszálykár
- 2010.06.04.

Általában tavasszal-, vagy zöldáradáskor az árvíz- belvíz kártétele folytán szinte elúszik-, majd nyár közepén és végén kiszárad Magyarország!

Megoldási javaslat: baloldali menüsor: a VJ-XI. sz, a VJ-VII. sz. víztározók, továbbá a Balaton, Velencei tó...


Székely Himnusz
- 2013.07.20.

Csanády György (1895-1952) 1921-ben írta a költeményt, zenéjét Mihalik Kálmán szerezte

Ki tudja merre, merre visz a végzet,
göröngyös úton sötét éjjelen.
Vezesd még egyszer győzelemre néped,
Csaba királyfi csillagösvényen.

Maroknyi székely porlik, mint a szikla,
népek harcának zajló tengerén.
Fejünk az ár, jaj, százszor elborítja,
ne hagyd elveszni Erdélyt, Erdélyt Istenem!
Csanády György


Arany János
- 2007.06.19.

Bolond Istók - (1873)
második ének 7. versszak

"És engem akkor oly érzés fogott el...
A szőlős gazda is, az egyszeri,
Magánkivűl s őrjöngve kacagott fel,
Látván, hogy szőlejét a jég veri,
Dorongot ő is hirtelen kapott fel,
Paskolni kezdé, hullván könnyei:
No hát, no! Így kiált; én Uram Isten!
Csak rajta! hadd lám: mire megyünk ketten?"


- 2012.07.25.

Kínai közmondás:

Kövess egy kutyát; a szemétdombra jutsz,
kövess egy tigrist; a dzsungel ura leszel...


Dear Reader,

I started this intensive work in 2000. Since then I have devoted at least 58,000 engineering hours to this project.

The most important aim: give „active water” to your family!

Quote: „Hungary is receiving a daily amount of about HUF 3 billion European Union support between 2014 – 2020, and the goal is to utilize this amount as efficiently as possible – said the head of the European Commission Representation in Hungary on Sunday, at Siklós, on the open day of the EU developments.”

City Pécs and its area need to get its share from this enormous sum!


City Pécs is the political, educational, industrial, commercial and
transportation center of Süd-Hungary. It is one of the famous spa-town of the EU, and the eighth most populous town of the European Union. It resides on the two banks of the River Drava. We await visitors and tourists in the Pécs with highways, from the major routes, an elegant airport and a modern railway network, moreover, - if the Drava is in the right condition - with watercrafts. Our City Pécs, with its large population, meaningful institutes, and an administrative region amounting to 16.600ha, is the most important, centralized city of our country.

On one hand, its outstanding natural endowments, favorable geographical location, its population, blessed with a significant expertise, diligence and endeavor gave me inspiration to adumbrate the – realistically achievable – future of the City Pécs (that has about a population of 160.000).

As an introduction I would like to state that – naturally enough – my copyright are not negligible for me, about this you can read a bit later. Based on this, the essay described below is no more than an awareness- raising informational material – taken thoughtfully over from my detailed concept plan.

Please allow me, Dear Reader, to emphasize it at this point: our City Pécs is currently utilizing only max. 20-25% of its potential. To phrase it in a different way, this means that people living in Pécs and its area could live at least three times better – as compared to the situation nowadays. This essay of mine will describe the how.

(Let me just mention that the GDP per capita is 5 times higher in the Netherlands and 4 times higher in Austria than it is in Hungary.)

I think that, - if our efforts will result in that the exhaust gas, the amount of flue dust and soot decreases, and the oxygen content rises with 30% in the air of City Pécs – then we should undertake every effort.

We have to understand, that those people who get only 60% of their daily oxygen supply are only able to work with 50% efficiency! (Stress, avoidable precipitance, fatigue, intolerance are all traceable back to the negative effects of lack of oxygen, the harmful substances in the inhaled air and the bacteria found in food and drinking water.)

Water lobby – in recent decades – could not solve these important technical developments, because the option for moving this enormous body of water with gravitation, described within my essay, has not been invented, until now.

Aside other reasons I decided on filling in the public on this concept plan of mine, because our City Pécs – worth a better fate – and its area has long been fallow (from the point of view of its unparalleled options).

It is a very saddening fact – and quite a pity – that the leadership of the city and the country caps all suggestions that are intending to make things better. Their choices are based on party affiliation.
But this is a very bad practice, as it is narrows the economic and cultural options of City Pécs and its area immeasurably. However, people able to create have already partly surpassed these individuals and problems!

The population of the Pécs and its area has the option and need of such economical cooperation that makes them unavoidable, and not the other way around!

Dear families, living in City Pécs and its area! Do not wait for anyone. Do not let others to shape your future. Ask your re-elected Lord Mayor or the district Mayors to take on the below initiatives!

I would like to inform you in advance, that I am donating 50% of all net incomes from the sale of the below described know-how to help starving children in Hungary.

Please don’t forget that (by their best intention!) the European Union are not supporting the politicians – people filling their own pocket with two hands – but us, families living in the City Pécs and its agglomeration with almost 100% non-refundable supports.

Based on that, establish LTDs or Public limited companies by your own free will, consulting with the new local governments, on those activities, that catch your eye.

I am rock solid in my belief that these projects – even in steps I-II – will call back at least 65-70.000 of those compatriots of ours that needed to apply for work abroad.

What are those „not panaceas” with which – together with the creative population – we could provide at least 237.400 new workplaces and stable livelihoods within the steps I-II of the developments?

These very big opportunities are present in – just to enumerate a few – the exceptional geographical location of the City Pécs, the saving and intensive utilization of its enormous amount of natural water resources, the development of tourism, and the intensive utilization of home-gardens and cultivable soil. If the below listed developments get realized, the population of the City Pécs and its agglomeration will increase greatly within 8-10 years. Real estate prices can even double. In the phase I-II of the developments the number of workplaces in the City Pécs and its area will increase with at least 237.400.

In the agglomeration of the City Pécs the annual cereals production will grow at least 2.5 times, and livestock-, meat-, milk-, egg producing, slaughter poultry farming will grow at least 3 times to what it is now. With providing the needed continuous watering of home-gardens and cultivable soils, the vegetable- and fruit production will multiple in numbers.

All these will almost dwarf besides the exploitation of the new economical- and cultural sources of incomes coming from the water management and utilization. (These latter ones are playing an organic part within this know-how that I can only publish, once I got the honoraria that rightfully belong to me!)

For the above to be realized the task of the population of the City Pécs and its agglomeration is to elect only those leaders in the future that support these developments! I am recommending the below essay for reading to those, who steadily believe in the notion that Hungarians, the 3.5 million families – that is 6.5-7 million people - in the Hungarian country and in the City Pécs are not supposed to live in poverty, in need!

Those can also read it, who doesn’t want to resign in the fact that within the 27-28 EU Member States, Hungary still leads the negative lists of healthcare.

Even those circa 500.000 – 600.000 countrymen of mine can read this (and their relatives as well!) who were forced to find work abroad.

We are waiting them back, day after day!

City Pécs and its area in the step I-II of its development:

The City Pécs can receive a sum of about HUF 100 billion for improving its economy. Some priority parts:
The population of 160.000 living in the Pécs and in the area of the City, and tourists deserve an object to be created soon, that can function as the new LUNG of City Pécs in the future. So in the future you will not have to travel to Lake Velencei or Balaton to ventilate your lungs, or to be together with your children, swimming, splashing, sailing on and round the lake, or just take walks in an oxygen-rich environment.

With implementing a grand scale water management plan we can achieve a state in which we can reach Pécs with liners and freighters as well, from the navigable Tisza, Danube, the the Balaton, the Lake Velencei, Székesfehérvár, Kaposvár, Szekszárd in all the year (on ice-free days). We have to make the Hungarian tracks of the rivers Danube and Tisza navigable all year (except icy days). As soon as possible!
To utilize the new water management options and to open up the new ship routes, we would like to have a water reservoir with a capacity of 600 million m3, and a sizeable leisure park, an eco-corridor built, cooperating with the population of City Pécs. This will be the new LUNG of Pécs and its area. My idea is to implement one hydroelectric power plants with significant capacity on the River Drava that could provide cheap electricity for the City and its area, and also for the entrepreneurs working within and around the city.
Along the new waterway network we provide clear, fresh irrigation water for the farmers of the City Pécs and its area! The full leadtime of this investment: 2x6-7 years.
On the new water reservoir we establish 20.000 harbors and yacht ports, and we are going to operate small, 600t barges (30 truckloads). The new waterway network will connect to the Danube and river Tisza. It is going to be possible to reach Szolnok, Debrecen, and Nyíregyháza from City Pécs with ships as well. In the other direction:
Szarvas, Csongrád, Hódmezővásárhely, Kiskunfélegyháza, Karcag, Tiszalök, Tokaj, Mátészalka, Városnamény will be reachable.
We are going to make it possible for the abovementioned towns to reach Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, or in the other direction Belgrade and also the Black Sea with ships... We can join in the DMR fairway, which is 3.300 – 3.500 km long!
Along the abovementioned waterways we are going to establish irrigation clusters with significant capacities – to make the intensive irrigation of soils available!
We are going to boost domestic and national educational-, rural-, hunter-, and thermal- and health tourism together with cruise tourism!
There are almost 50 million English, 7 million Austrian, 75 million German, 55 million Italy, 8 million Swiss, 15 million Dutch and 55 million French EU citizens who have never been to Hungary!

Is this a big problem? Yes, it is a very big problem!

I certainly don’t have to explain how many potential tourists or investors could come from the abovementioned 265 million wealth foreign citizens for the City and the other friendly towns.

We would need to bring them here primarily by cruise ships, elegant airplanes and express trains. Naturally I am talking about five-star quality in- and outgoing transportation, and accommodation, supply.

Please do the math carefully on this. This is certain to be a very good investment!
We are building great capacity new shipyards, new, large capacity, exclusive thermal hospitals and thermal internship hotels in City Pécs and the area of the City.
With continuous irrigating and watering we could help the patients in the overheating hospital rooms on hot summer days! In the parks of hospitals, schools and other entities, or companies we could implement and operate well-kept, recreational fountains, ponds, elegant cooling places. We could continuously water and irrigate parks, squares, roads!

Based on the new water reservoir with the capacity of 600 million m3 we can provide the possibility for the owners of small gardens and lands living in City Pécs and its agglomeration to irrigate the gardens, the roads and the lands throughout the whole year with cheap and healthy water. The City and the Institutes can water squares, parks, roads. This will help to lower the amount of dust in the air, and our living environment will become more liveable!
Alongside the plans in point 2 we will introduce circa 110.000 land- and garden owners to reform- and organic food production with the modern production technology that is used in England, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. This 110.000 farmer will become the main supplier of the baby food factories and large capacity reform food factories that will be
established in the agglomeration of the City. We can forecast a great deal of farmers and entrepreneurs to settle in the City Pécs and the area of Pécs due to the excellent livelihood.

We are going to build water supplying objects much alike the ones in Hannover, to provide a high quality water supply for the population of the City Pécs and the area. Clinics, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, universities and the new, spacious gyms, and also workplaces larger than 100-150 employees will be provided high quality water.

This concept plan aims the unchangeable plan of supplying the people of City Pécs and the area of the City, and the tourists with home-made food.
We are going to build one, large capacity sugar- and chocolate factories with the lead of the people of City Pécs, which we will supply with high quality raw materials produced on the fields that can be irrigated throughout all year (except on icy days!). Hungary imports 220-250 thousand tons of questionable quality, expensive sugar on a yearly basis!
City Pécs is going to have two own, modern, large capacity, multifunctional new slaughterhouses; three new, modern meat factories; two large capacity, modern bread factories and 2 milk- and cheese factories that will operate on EU standards; and also a number of own food shopping malls.
Our own slaughterhouses, milk-, cheese- and bread factories will only work with raw materials produced by our farmers.
The abovementioned own shopping malls will primarily sell the healthy, high quality, affordable products of our farmers for tourists and people living in City Pécs and its area.

I have already mentioned it before that in the steps I-II of the abovementioned developments we are going to create more than 237.400 new workplaces in the area of the City Pécs!
Alongside these developments – to deflect the negative effects of the climate change – we are going to take serious steps. The high quality water of the Drava, and saved rainwater will continuously be present in the City Pécs and its agglomeration, available to irrigate gardens, fields and the whole vegetation. The microclimate of the whole area is going to change to its very roots! The City Pécs and its area will be a much more livable place!

If the abovementioned projects get support, we are going to open the for Shipping, Water Management, Irrigated Crop Production-Gardening, and Agribusiness High Schools and Universities, and also their experimental farms in City Pécs and its region.

EU incites these developments with almost 100% non-refundable support!

I have calculated the profit as well. If we start the abovementioned works by the early spring of 2017, then,
Baby food factories: by 2020 will produce circa EUR 6 million of incomes,
Reform food factories: by 2020 will produce circa EUR 10 million of incomes,
Sugar- and chocolate factories: by 2020 will produce circa EUR 14 million of incomes,
The water reservoir, together with the shipyards, the new tourism developments, the water supply and the water transportation: by 2022 will produce circa EUR 8 billion of incomes,
The slaughterhouses, the meat-, bread-, and cheese factories, and the own shopping malls: by 2022 will realize circa EUR 9 billion of incomes,
The finalization of the first phase will be about 2022/2023: by then the total income will be at about EUR 20-25 billion.

To buy the above described know-how, I am reachable for the leader of the City or the CEOs of the LTDs, joint stock companies, regardless of party affiliation or other matters. (Naturally, only after agreeing on important matters and the time of the meeting!)

I would like to thank the dear Readers in advance for their letters, questions, and remarks! I will try to answer these in time!


The webpage www.ausztriaingatlan.shp.hu constitutes a copyright work - pursuant to 1 § (1) Act LXXVI of 1999 on copyright - thus its every detail is protected by copyright. As regulated by § 16 (1) of this Act, it is forbidden to use any text and other solutions, as well as computerized programs found on the webpage www.ausztriaingatlan.shp.hu unauthorized. With entering any page of the webpage www.ausztriaingatlan.shp.hu you are agreeing with the below conditions, even if you are an unregistered user:

The contents of the webpage http://www.ausztriaingatlan.shp.hu are the exclusive intellectual property of János Varga. The owner of the webpage retains all rights in connection of all methods and techniques of copying or distribution of the site, or any parts of the site. The layout and contents of pages related to websites are protected by international and Hungarian (copyright) laws!

The usage of information found on my webpage is available, if you ask permission beforehand by sending an email to:vargajan419@gmail.com
After receiving my written consent, you will have to cite me as original author, linking to the webpage http://www.ausztriaingatlan.shp.hu under any quotes, or other usage, with unambiguously clear definition! For imprecisely cited quotes and data, or those taken out of their context, the owner of the abovementioned webpage is not responsible.

In addition to these, unauthorized usage will be followed by criminal- or civil liability. János Varga, the owner of the webpage can claim against anyone the immediate termination of the infringement as well as the compensation of any costs or damages deriving from unauthorized usage!

The beneficiaries of the legal continuity of succession are my daughter and my son!

Written by:

János Varga
Certified Agricultural Engineer

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